Please fill out the application in it’s entirety. Be as specific as possible and please allow up to 48 hours for a response. If you have not heard from us within that time period, please contact us at for further information. If you are experiencing any difficulty with this application, please make sure you have Java enabled on your computer.
Our adoption fee for all dogs is $300.00
Please be aware that our rescue is located in the Wisconsin/Illinois area and we will only adopt out to surrounding states.
Name and age
Spouses name and age if applicable
City State Zip
Your home phone number
If less than 5 years at this address, please give previous address
Are you interested in a specific dog?
What other dogs have you owned in the last 3 years?
Are they spayed or neutered?
Are they up to date on their vaccinations and heartworm preventative?
Please list any other pets you may have
What are you currently feeding your dogs?
I would like to adopt a Saint Bernard for:
Number of adults in your household
Number and ages of children in household
Which members of the family will care for and feed the Saint Bernard?
Does anyone in your home have allergies to dogs?
How many hours during the day will the dog be alone?
What type of car will you be transporting the Saint Bernard in?
I live in a:
If renting please list landlord’s contact information
If you have a fenced in yard, please describe it
During the day the dog would be in the:
During the night the dog would sleep here
Are you willing to have a home check before adoption?
Are you willing to housebreak the dog if necessary?
Do you own a dog crate and are you willing to crate train?
Are you aware that the vet bills for routine care of a Saint Bernard may cost anywhere between $100.00 and $500.00 a year?
Please list your veterinarian’s name, address, and phone number
When you go away for a few days, who will care for your dog?
Have you ever obedience trained a dog?
Are you aware that Saint Bernards shed seasonally, drool occasionally, and can be prone to hip problems?
Are you aware that when you adopt a Saint Bernard, you are taking on the responsibility for it’s lifetime which may be up to 14 years?
What specifics are you looking for in a Saint Bernard?
Have you owned a Saint Bernard before?
What happened to that Saint Bernard?
How or where have you learned about the Saint Bernard breed?
If the dog you are interested in is no longer available, would you be interested in another dog?
AllSaints Saint Bernard Rescue requires a $300.00 adoption fee. Are you prepared to pay this?
Tell us about your family life
Please list your place of employment and a phone number for this location.
Please list two personal references along with their phone numbers
Would you be intersted in fostering a Saint Bernard for AllSaints in the future?
Would you be interested in helping AllSaints Saint Bernard Rescue in other ways? Please list
Have you applied for dogs with other rescues? Please list
How did you learn of AllSaints Saint Bernard Rescue
Do you testify that all the information listed on this application is correct and true?