Alex came into our rescue on January 7,2006. He was originally pulled from an Illinois shelter on December 29th and was immediately taken into veterinary care for a severe case of kennel cough that left him completely stuffed up, coughing, and with eyes matted shut.  He stayed in their care under watchful eyes and there were many days we weren’t sure he was going to pull through. Alex is 34″ tall at the shoulder and should weigh in the 165-175lb range. He weighs 90 lbs. Thankfully he tested negetive for heartworm.
He is currently in the care of David and Tamara Janowski, the founders of AllSaints Saint Bernard Rescue and will be available for adoption in the summer of 2006 after he has gained at least 50 lbs. Every day he is getting better and is finally able to eat small meals, as the kennel cough leaves dogs with a sore throat and depleted appetite. Alex has the biggest heart and lives to give kisses and to rest his head on your lap. It breaks our heart to see that a loving dog has been led to this degree of neglect. If you would like to contribute to his care in a donation, our group would be very thankful. Bringing a dog in this condition back to a state where he can eat confidently, overcome his illness, and run and play like the rest of our dogs takes a great deal of time and money.
We will continue to update his progress on a weekly basis.
January 16, 2006
Alex went to the vet this morning for a B12 shot to stimulate his appetite. He now weighs 104lbs. His appetite can vary at times and because of this, it’s difficult to feed him. Sometimes he accepts what you offer him, sometimes he turns up his nose at it. We go through a lot of food trying to get him to eat, as his “leftovers” cannot go to our other dogs, it must be disposed of. His favorite right now seems to be ground buffalo. We’re hoping with his B12 shot that his appetite this evening will be greatly increased.
Top view of Alex on 1/7/06
Very tall dog needing an additional 70 lbs of weight gain
Very skinny, very sick boy.
January 20, 2006
Alex had his first bath today. We were waiting for him to get stronger and less contagious in order to handle the 3 hour appointment with our groomer. He came out looking like a new boy! It has become obvious that he is feeling much better as he is getting playful and much more energetic. His personality is really starting to show itself.
Alex feeling much better
Alex looking much better than 2 weeks ago
Starting to get happy again
Filling out nicely
3/3: Alex is doing much better in his foster home, gaining approximately 30 lbs so far,  and getting stronger. He has a fenced in backyard in which to run and build his muscle tone back up. His appetite has finally normalized and he’s gaining weight at a steady rate.
Alex looks completely different than he did in January
Looking great
Alex loves his toys
3/25: Alex is doing so incredibly well in his foster home. He has an approved family waiting for him in St. Louis, MO and will be going to their home in April.
Looking great!