If you have exhausted all other resources before giving up your Saint Bernard, please consider a rescue group. In some cases, owner turn-ins are the first to get put down at your local pound or humane society. This isn’t always the case, but it may be the case you’re facing if you don’t know or care where you are taking your dog.

It is only fair that as much information be given about the dog/s you are wishing to release to us. Please understand that we do our best to work with dogs that come in to rescue in all kinds of conditions, health, etc. But for obvious reasons, we cannot take a dog with a bite history. We are not able to responsibly place a dog that has bitten a human or viciously attacked another dog.

Be aware that we are taking in your dog that you won’t or will not be caring for anymore. We will be updating it on all veterinarian procedures, feeding it, housing it, training it, exercising it, and in a lot of cases, caring for it in ways that you may have neglected to. We do this because we care about this breed. In order to cover initial costs of rehoming your dog, we require a turn-in fee of $100.00 and expect it at the time of turn in.

Please contact us at allsaintsrescue@earthlink.net to discuss the dog you are looking to re-home and to fill out the necessary paperwork to do so. Transportation will be arranged with you upon discussion.

Please be aware that we are in the Great Lakes area and will only take dogs in from surrounding states.