Don’t get a Saint Bernard for these reasons!
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard because you think it would be great to get your child a puppy that it can grow up with. This is a large breed that grows very quickly and can easily knock a small child over just in play.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard because Grandma and Grandpa need a dog for company. Again, this is a large and powerful dog that can easily take someone for a drag if it is not trained well and that person is not steady on their feet.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard because you think they’re tough looking and want something to scare the neighbors. This breed in most case is very good natured and has an average energy level, but they don’t always make the best watchdogs. They’re more interested in licking strangers that come to your door than attacking them.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard because you think it will look pretty laying around your house. True, they are very beautiful dogs and will spend a lot of time just laying around. But if you have a house that you are fastidious about and can’t stand the thought of cleaning up slobber or hair on a fairly regular basis, consider another breed.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard if you only have a compact car. They are big dogs, as big as most people and don’t fit well into the back or front of cute little sports cars. An SUV or minivan is your best bet for taking these guys around town.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard if you’re limited in funds. We’re not saying you have to be rich to own one, but they do cost more in upkeep than a smaller dog. Vet bills are more because medications are prescribed per body weight and anesthesia can get expensive, again based upon body weight. If you are currently having a hard time making ends meet, find a smaller breed.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard if your idea of having a dog is tying it up in the backyard and ignoring it. No dog should be left to live that way, particularly a breed that loves it’s people as much as a Saint. This is not an aloof breed and are most happy when they are spending time in the house with you.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard because you heard they were great babysitters for the kids. Humans make great babysitters for other humans. Saint Bernards are dogs and will act like dogs when small children attempt to “ride” them, pull their ears, pull their hair, etc. Use common sense.
  • Don’t get a Saint Bernard if you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to be the leader in your home. If you’re not sure that you can reprimand a dog if need be, make it understand that you’re the one who sets the rules, or follow through with any type of training, find another breed. Better yet, reconsider a dog altogether.

If you don’t think a Saint Bernard would be the right dog for you, please consider a dog waiting for a new home in a shelter near you.